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Introducing My Member Insurance Agency

My Member Insurance Agency

Trust our Medicare specialists to know what matters most!

Time to start thinking about Medicare? Time for a review of your current coverage?

If you're turning 65, retiring, or you've been on Social Security Disability for 24 months, our licensed Medicare agents are here to help answer your questions and navigate through the complicated decisions regarding Medicare. 

Medicare Annual Election Period Begins October 15 

The Medicare Annual Election Period (AEP) allows Medicare beneficiaries to change Medicare Advantage or Medicare Prescription drug (Par D) coverage. 

To connect immediately to a Medicare specialist, call My Member Insurance Agency at 800.448.5355 or email medicare@mymemberinsurance.com, kindly mention you are a member of OUR Credit Union, so we may thank them for the introduction. Or please feel free to complete the Interest Form here.


How is My Member Insurance different from other Medicare Consultants?

My Member Insurance Agency is a credit union-based program, serving credit union members who matter most. We have over 49 years of experience in Medicare solutions. We are low pressure, high care specialists who focus on financial and health well-being of all those who participate.

I already have Medicare, why explore additional Medicare Supplemental solutions? Aren’t they costly?

My Member Insurance works with each individual to identify the best solution based on health needs and of each individual budget. If you take prescription drugs, see specialists, or must visit a hospital, you may wind up paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars out-of-pocket if you only have Original Medicare. It may save you money in the long run.

Is it better to have multiple plan options or generally one solution?

Multiple companies provide more comprehensive coverage options at competitive rates. With My  Member Insurance Agency, Medicare experts go through a discovery process to determine individual needs and resources, and then recommends you with the best plan/price.

What is Medigap and what does it cover?

Specifically, Medigap plans help cover the costs associated with coinsurance, copayments, and deductibles, as well as allow the beneficiary the option of selecting doctors, hospitals, and even
specialists. Covering such costs as hospital deductibles, extended hospital stays, and traveling outside the US all incur additional costs Original Medicare does not cover.

What is Medicare Advantage and what does it cover?

Medicare Advantage is approved Medicare Part C alternatives that work separately from Original Medicare, generally offering the same provisions as Part A and Part B, plus more (part D optional to cover prescriptions). It offers packaged options such as HMOs or PPOs, and members may sign up for dental, vision, and hearing. Some Medicare Advantage plans offer a $0 premium option.

Can you tell me about enrollment?

OUR Credit Union members may enroll between 3 months, before and after age 65. After 65, they may change Medicare plans during the Fall open enrollment (October 15 – December 7, 2021).

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