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Basic Checking Account

With OUR Basic Checking, you will receive:

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Learn about our Premium Account option which offers protection for you and your family from fraud with instant access to total identity monitoring and daily credit file monitoring with IDProtect.

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You can make a smooth transition to OUR Credit Union with your direct deposit and automatic payments. It's easy to either do yourself or visit us and one of our staff members can help. To get started checkout our Streamlined Switch Program.

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Reorder Checks

*Qualifying Accounts.
1.  ATM owner surcharges may apply. To avoid ATM surcharging, check out multiple free  ATMs through the Co-Op Network.
2. Credit qualifications apply. Accounts will be charged the standard Overdraft fee for handling each overdraft created by check, ACH, Point-of-Sale, ATM withdrawal, in-person withdrawal, or other electronic item that is paid and a fee for items returned. An overdrawn balance must be repaid within 30 days. We may not pay items under your overdraft privilege if you do not maintain your account in good standing by bringing your account to a positive balance within every thirty (30) day period for a minimum of 24 hours, if you default on any loan or other obligation to Engagement Client or if your account is subject to any legal or administrative order or levy.  Please click here to see our current fee schedule.

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