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Limited Time Loan Special

With our low-rate summer loan special the options are nearly endless!

8.99% APR1 or 9.99% APR1 depending on amount you borrow!

  • Home Updates
  • Vacation
  • Consolidate Debt

Use it for any good purpose because you deserve it!

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 Multiple amounts, rates and terms are available. See more details on the print-ready application.

Print-Ready Application

Loan Special Ends August 31, 2024

OUR Debt Protection is voluntary and not required in order to obtain credit. We will not consider whether or not You elect protection in making a credit decision.

We will give You additional information before You are required to pay for Our Payment Protection.  This information will include a copy of the Contract containing the terms of Our Payment Protection.  There are eligibility requirements, conditions and exclusions that could prevent You from receiving benefits under Our Payment Protection. You should carefully read the Contract for a full explanation of the terms of Our Payment Protection.  You may terminate protection on Your account(s) at any time by providing Us with written notice at least five (5) business days prior to the requested termination date.  If You do so within thirty (30) days of purchasing protection, We will credit You for any Program fees charged for the protected account(s).

Payment Examples

A. If you borrow $10,000
9.99% APR1
(The cost of your credit as a yearly rate)
60 Monthly Payments
(In a range of $212.532 to $244.282
Total Finance Charge: $2,890.882
(The dollar amount the credit will cost you)

B. If you borrow $5,000
(The cost of your credit at a yearly rate)
36 Monthly Payments
In a range of $158.93
2 to $173.842
Total Finance Charge: $749.652
(The dollar amount the credit will cost you)


1. Annual Percentage Rate. This Special Offer is not to be used to refinance existing OUR Credit Union loan balances unless adding at least $1,000 in new money to the existing balance. Rates are subject to change at any time without prior notice.
2. Depending on level of optional OUR Payment Protection selected. Monthly payments begin 45 days following disbursement. Estimated Amount.

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