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GreenPath Financial Wellness

Did you know...?

As a member, you have free access to GreenPath’s financial experts to guide you through life’s financial challenges.

GreenPath is a non-profit company that equips people with knowledge and tools to lead financially healthy lives.  They can partner with you to ease financial stress, manage debt, save for the future, make informed financial decisions, and achieve your financial goals.

GreenPath offers personalized assistance with:

  • Budgeting and money management
  • Debt repayment
  • Understanding your credit report and how to improve your score
  • Avoiding bankruptcy, foreclosure and repossession

Call  877-337-3399 today! 

  • GreenPath University -  Online tutorials, articles, videos, calculators, worksheets. A great place to get started on your path to financial freedom.
  • Free Financial Counseling Sessions - Personal and family budgeting sessions focused on your concerns and needs including a detailed worksheet and action plan.
  • Student Loan Advice - Learn more about student loan review and support
  • Credit Report Counseling - Free analysis of your credit report and score
  • Debt Management Plan - GreenPath starts with a free consultation. If you want assistance with paying bills, they will create a plan by working with your creditors to negotiate concessions and loan payment agreements including lower interest rates, elimination of fees and collection activities at a nominal fee.
  • Housing - Help with everything from pre-purchase education to foreclosure prevention. All counselors are HUD certified. 
  • Newsletter - Sign-up for the eNewsletter and stay up to date on spending tips, credit and more.  
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