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Spring Break Packing Tips

Authored By: Amber Callahan, Marketing Specialist on 3/21/2019

We have officially made it to Spring! With Spring Break in the air, here are a few quick packing tips to keep in mind for your upcoming vacation.

Plan your outfits so you don’t end up packing way too much or way too little – keep your itinerary in mind to make sure you pack exactly what you’ll need.

Pack neutral clothing items that can be mixed and matched. If something gets torn or spilled, it will be easily fixed if everything you pack goes well together. I always bring a stain remover pen with me on vacation to quickly remedy small spills. Bonus: it’s small enough to pack in my carry on!

Roll your clothes instead of folding them. This is a great way to keep everything in your bag organized and to leave room for anything extra. (If you’re flying, pack an extra tote in your luggage for souvenirs! You can carry it on the plane for your trip home).

Bring cash to stay prepared and to avoid overusing your card. If you’re traveling out of the country with your OUR Credit Union debit card, you can set up Travel Alerts within our Mobile App! Learn more at: https://www.ourcuonline.org/mobile

Don’t forget the essentials! Music playlist, portable waterproof speaker, sunscreen, bathing suits, phone charger, and cheap sunglasses!

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