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Make It Your Business to Learn About Business Credit


By: GreenPath Financial Wellness

Are you a small business owner, or are you thinking of starting one? Whether you’re shopping for a business loan or you just want good payment terms through a new or existing vendor, business credit scores and reports will be used to predict your financial reputation. It will also help determine what kind of borrower you are.

Tracy Becker from North Shore Advisory joined us for an hour-long conversation about financing a business. She has educated business professionals so that they can grow their businesses and finance their personal lives.

According to North Shore Advisory, “credit building and establishing company credit scores requires strategic planning, not all vendors or creditors report to the business credit bureaus.

Owners who take the necessary steps to establish their company, can limit personal liability and damage to personal credit, while making it more likely to be approved for business credit cards, leases, financing, and partnerships.”

“The highly unregulated nature of business credit means that anyone, including potential partners, lenders and competitors, can purchase a copy of your business credit profile at any time without your knowledge or permission.”

To view a recorded webinar by GreenPath Financial Wellness on this topic, follow this link:


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