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Buying A Used Rental Car: Is It Worth It?


When thinking of buying a used car, most people immediately imagine the sprawling used car lots near their homes, or maybe ask for recommendations from their family or friends. What many people don’t consider is looking at their local rental car fleets as an option to buy from!

The benefits of buying a rental car

Rental cars from companies such as Enterprise go through rigorous inspections and maintenance routines during their life as a rental car. Often this can mean they’re in better shape than when you shop from an auto lot or private seller! In addition, they come with some sweet bonuses that car dealerships usually do not:

  • One year of roadside assistance
  • 12 month/12,000 mile powertrain warranty
  • 7 day/1,000 mile buyback guarantee

If you find exactly what you’re looking for and it’s in another state, they can transfer it to you for a fee – increasing your options dramatically. Visit the Enterprise Car Sales lot in Warren or Farmington Hills, or start shopping online today! Shop inventory across the US to find your dream vehicle.

Start Shopping Online! 

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