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Protect Your Password and Your Info!


Keeping your passwords safe and secure is the best way to keep your information from being seen and used by others. Here are some solutions to password security issues:

Create different passwords for different accounts.

Using the same password for all your accounts makes it much easier for a hacker to access your information.

Use uncommon passwords.

There are plenty of options on the keyboard to beef up your password, such as using uppercase and lowercase letters and adding symbols.

Do not use names.

A hacker will use names first, so select a random word and add symbols to make it safe.

Hide passwords.

If you are the type who keeps track of all your passwords, list them in a document with a unique name so no one knows what is inside.

Keep an up-to-date e-mail address.

If you forget your password, having a secure location to send password reset e-mails will keep your information safe.

Keeping your information secure is very important in this very technology-driven age. For added protection, we recommend Premium Checking for only $3.95 a month. Included is identity theft protection and daily credit file monitoring across the three major credit bureaus, cell phone protection against damage and theft for the first three phones listed on your bill, as well as travel and leisure discounts.


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