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Ready to Buy A Home?


We’re here to help.

Getting your finances in order:

Your credit history will play a key role in securing the most attractive mortgage terms and even help determine if it’s the right time for home buying. When preparing to buy a home, it is a good idea to make sure your credit gets the attention it deserves. Take advantage of free credit reports to identify and correct any errors. By staying on top of your credit, you could increase your qualified loan amount, lower your closing costs and secure more affordable rates, which will award you with lower monthly payments.

Establish a budget:

Before you begin your quest for the perfect home, make sure you know just how much you can afford. Take a good look at your finances by evaluating your current income to debt ratio and carefully consider how financing a home will impact your budget. In addition, a healthy savings account will help to ensure you will be ready for the costs of home ownership.

Get pre-qualified:

In today’s competitive housing market, homes are being snapped up quickly, compelling savvy buyers to get pre-qualified for mortgage loans prior to house hunting. Simply provide your Mortgage Center Originator with relevant information pertaining to your job, assets, income, and debts and we will determine how much financing you’re qualified to receive. Following pre-qualification approval, you will receive a letter from Mortgage Center which will let sellers know that you are a serious and qualified buyer, a distinct edge over competing buyers who are not pre-qualified. Although being pre-qualified will provide you with a great deal of leverage in this competitive market, be advised that you will still need to go through the underwriting process for certified loan approval if your offer is accepted.

First Time Home Buyer Tip:

When considering buying a home for the first time, keep in mind the additional purchases you will need to make in order to maintain your new home. Some of these purchases could include paint, new flooring, furniture, landscaping, outdoor lawn equipment, etc.

Our experts at Mortgage Center are here to make your home buying experience easy. Our team will get to know your goals and expectations. After, they will share with you all your financing choices and identify your best options that meet both your goals and budget. In addition, the costs that are associated with your mortgage, such as discount points, appraisals and real estate agent commissions, will be evaluated. Our team’s mortgage know-how will ensure that you get the best mortgage for your goals.

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