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9 Ways to Get Your Car Ready for Spring!


9 Ways to get your car ready for Spring!

We often hear of “winterizing” our cars to prepare them for snow and ice, but we often neglect preparing them for the warmer months. It’s a perfect time to refresh your ride and get it ready for warm, sunny days ahead.

1. Clean your exterior thoroughly.

Pay a little extra at the car wash for the underbody detail to make sure all the salt is cleaned out.

2. Clean your interior and vacuum, or take your car to be detailed.

Take your car to a self-serve vacuum station at your local car wash, or take it in for a professional detailing. Sites like Groupon often have discounted specials on car detailing.

3. Check your tire pressure, and get an alignment if needed.

Improper alignment can cause major issues down the road if it goes uncorrected for too long. Hitting large potholes or pieces of ice and snow in the road can cause improper alignment, which can affect how your vehicle handles while driving,  impact gas mileage, and increase tire wear and tear.

4. Get an oil change if necessary.

Check your manual for the recommended mileage between oil changes. Setting reminders in your phone or work calendar can help you remember.

5. Restock your emergency kit.

Items such as jumper cables, a flashlight, flare, basic first aid items, bottled water, and some non-perishable snacks such as protein bars are a great place to start. Another useful item is a rain poncho, which can be useful if you need to change a tire in the rain. Speaking of changing tires…

6. Check your spare tire and tire changing tools.

There is nothing worse than finding your jack is missing after getting a flat, or getting your flat tire off only to find that the spare is flat. A pair of work gloves is also a great addition, as it makes the labor of changing a tire a little more comfortable on the hands.

7. Clean out the glove compartment and check your documents.

Make sure you have the latest copies of your insurance and registration easy to access. A small plastic school supplies box is a very inexpensive way to keep your glovebox tidy. Items to keep inside could be some extra napkins or wipes, a tire pressure gauge, your car’s manual, insurance and registration papers, a pen and small notepad, and a small utility knife.

8. Start a car maintenance folder.

It doesn’t have to be fancy – just a cheap school folder will do the job. This way, you never have to guess the last time you had services done and can keep warranty paperwork all in one place.

9. Replace windshield wipers and refill wiper fluid.

Scraping ice and snow off the windshield is rough on our windshield wipers. Be sure to replace them regularly, so you can have the best vision when driving in the rain. Also, windshield wiper fluid infused with Rain-X is great for helping you have a clear view in spring showers.

For more tips on getting your car ready for spring, check out this article from Business Insider.

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