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How to Make Giving Back Part of Your Holiday Tradition

Authored By: Jeff Glaser, Marketing Director on 10/1/2022

Giving isn't only fun, kind, and generous; it is downright festive. That also makes giving a great activity to include in your holiday traditions. Just think about it: If every family made giving part of their holiday tradition, can you imagine how much greater the holiday season would be? From holiday donations to setting aside a special account in your credit union, there are many ways to give.

Yes, starting a fund for a family in need every year with your credit union is a wonderful idea. And yes, holiday donations are also just a part of the holiday season. How many times a year do we pass those red pots and bell ringers? So take it a step further, and make it a family event or a yearly tradition, but as we said - there are many ways to give. 

Here are a few ideas to add to the joy of your holiday giving and bring a little more joy to someone's world this holiday season too.

Run for a Cause

There are events all over the country that sponsor short runs, long runs, and walking events for a variety of great causes. Choosing to participate in a different event every year could be something you make a tradition.

You could also choose to sponsor the same event every year and see how much more you can improve on your own performance and time too. That is a gift that you give to everyone, including yourself.

Meals for the Holiday Workforce

While we spend time with our friends, families, and loved ones, we probably spend some time thinking about the less fortunate. We are also likely to be more giving and charitable during this time of year.

What we don't think about as much, however, are the people working during the holidays. Make it a tradition to deliver a meal for the firehouse, your local police station, or even those folks serving your retail needs when everyone else is closed.

Some Have None

Often, the greatest gift we can give is our time. When it comes to the holiday season, time alone can also be one of the most difficult and painful. Contacting a local nursing home can be a great way to brighten the day of an elderly person who has no family or visitors.

What if a half hour's lunch spent with someone you don't know was the most powerful and important gift you could give? For somebody, it could be.

Welcome to OUR Credit Union

The holidays can be a busy and hectic, but fun and joyful time. Don't let dealing with monetary issues be a headache, and let us help make it a convenience. Welcome to OUR Credit Union; you can call, visit, or contact us today! 

We have a walk-up ATM, all OUR Credit Union branches are shared branches, and all our locations offer self-serve coin machines and night drop boxes. Happy holidays and happy giving.

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