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Get Ready for College


Your choice of college is a major decision that will have a long-term impact on your life. Acceptance rates and rankings are important aspects to consider, along with whether or not you’re interested in the programs they offer. There’s one more factor that some students overlook: “fit.” Sometimes a school is great, but it’s just not for you. Other times, you’ll know you feel at home as soon as you set foot on campus. Fit can be the make-or-break factor on deciding where you’ll go to a college, and the only way to check for it is to make college visits.

Start early.

If you’re still a year or two away from graduation, don’t wait. Now is the best time to start making visits to colleges.

Get in touch with the school for an official tour.

The school will be glad to show a prospective student around campus and provide a presentation about the programs offered.

Take the unofficial tour. You won’t have this opportunity for every school, but if you know someone who already attends a college, ask if they’ll take some time to show you around and talk about their experience at the school. They may clue you in to something your tour guide didn’t point out during the official tour, like awful cafeteria food or the distance from dorms to lecture halls.

Check on the social scene.

Again, it really helps to know someone who attends the school. They can show you what the social clubs are like and give you an idea whether the general student body shares your interests.

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