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The Significance of International Credit Union Day


The month of October includes an important day in financial history that has been present for 74 years. Many people will celebrate National Credit Union Day on the third Thursday of the month. Here's some information about the holiday and some reasons to consider partaking in it this year.

What Is International Credit Union Day?

International Credit Union Day is a set day that recognizes the many benefits of credit unions. Credit union membership allows consumers to be partial owners instead of simply users. It also gives those same people access to loans and credit products with lower interest rates than traditional banks have to offer. Furthermore, credit union members have an active voice in the facilities they participate in.

Why International Credit Union Day Is Important

It's important to recognize ICU Day to keep its member-centric spirit alive. The observance reminds people around the world that they have choices and that their decisions benefit many people just like them. Organizations and parties such as the World Council of Credit Unions, CUNA Strategic Services and Zogo Finance sponsor and support activities throughout the day.

What You Can Do To Observe ICU Day

You can choose several methods to observe ICU Day if you want to participate in the next event. Telling your social media page a story about your credit union membership and how it benefits you is a great way to start.

You can also celebrate the day by telling your friends and family members the endless number of benefits they can receive by signing up with a local credit union today. One advantage that consumers often overlook is that credit union membership can open doors to discounts on many products, such as insurance premiums and other items.

You can also participate in some of the other activities that will go on throughout the day, like picnics, contests, parades, and gatherings. Thus, it will be an excellent opportunity to take your family out to have a delicious meal and a sit-down with other family members and friends. Who doesn't love free food and parades?

You can help the cause financially as well. You may have the option to donate to a fundraiser your credit union. Your donations will help to make a big difference in your community in a variety of ways.

For example, your generous donation might be the cause of someone getting approved to finance his or her first home or car. Maybe you'll contribute to another person's educational ventures. You can be a part of many wonderful things just by deciding to participate in this annual event. Consider being a part of keeping the ICU spirit alive for another 74 years by getting involved in this year's events and spreading the word to your friends and family members. Visit your OUR Credit Union branch of choice on October 20, 2022 to celebrate with us!

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