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Keep Your Account Information and Identity Safe


Mobile Best Practices

With the growing number of convenient services cell phones offer, it can be easy to unintentionally lower your guard while conducting transactions within banking apps. In order to keep fraud prevention top of mind, remember when accessing your account to always use a trusted WiFi source, as public WiFi makes you vulnerable for fraud.

Social Engineering

Social engineering is when a stranger manipulates someone into giving away personal or confidential information that can then be used for identity fraud. Don’t list your full birthday, phone number, or address on any social networking website, and don’t give this information away to “friends” you meet online.

Elder Fraud

One example of elder fraud is when someone calls and asks, “Grandpa/ma, guess who this is?” When the person offers a name, the impersonator now pretends to be that person and says they’re stranded or were arrested and need money. Alternatively, the caller may impersonate a police officer and claim the same thing, that they have a loved one in custody and need money for bail.

Additional Resources

Visit our Financial Resource Center, plus, if you have a Premium Checking you have access to IDProtect, among other great benefits.

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