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6 Money Saving Tips for Summer


Summer in Michigan - it seems as if we wait forever for it to finally arrive, and once it does we want to do all the things a beautiful Michigan summer has to offer. How do we remain financially balanced during this season of outdoor concerts, trips up north, and endless patio-friendly days?

Here are six simple, summer money-saving tips:

1. Monitor the air-conditioner. Set it as high as comfortable for your family, close vents in unused rooms and make sure your air filters are replaced regularly for more efficient operation.

2. Try out your green thumb. Summer is a great time to grow delicious fruits and veggies in your home garden. You’ll be eating fresh food that’s heart healthy too!

3. Find free entertainment. Many cities have eliminated public park fees for the summer. Pack a cooler of snacks and refreshments, grab your favorite lawn blanket, and enjoy the outdoors!

4. Host a garage sale. Use the opportunity to clean out closets and cabinets for a garage sale when the sun is shining. Make a game out of what will sell first, last or not at all. Once it’s all done, you’ll have a stash of extra spending money. (Remember to practice safe social distancing to protect yourself and others!)

5. Turn down the hot water heater. Chances are it’s set higher than it needs to be. Lowering the temp by 10 degrees could save you 3-5% on energy costs.

6. Save by eating at home! This is the perfect time to learn how to make some new recipes and try new things!

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