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Budget Categories for Success

Authored By: Amber Callahan, Marketing Specialist on 4/26/2019

Do you use Financial Snapshot with your online banking?

With Financial Snapshot, you can view all of your financial accounts in one place. Create categories for every transaction to make budgeting and setting goals as easy as can be!

Some categories you may want to include when organizing your finances are:

Income – (salary, bonuses, investments, interest, dividends)

Dining Out – (restaurants, bars, take out)

Utilities – (water, gas, electricity, phone)

Savings – (emergency fund, Roth IRA, 401k, college fund)

Groceries – (food, cleaning supplies, tools, kitchenware)

Housing – (rent, mortgage, repairs, maintenance, furnishings, property taxes, yard and garden)

Health – (doctor, dentist, optometrist, prescriptions, eyeglasses, vitamins)

Gifts – (birthday, holiday, anniversary)

Pets – (food, supplies, vet)

Child Care – (daycare, sports, babysitter, child support)

Entertainment – (games, movies, vacation, books, hobbies)

Payments – (credit card, student loan, car loan)

Education – (tuition, field trips, supplies, lab fees, books)

Personal – (salon, clothing, gym, grooming)

Insurance – (auto, home, life, dental, health)

Create your own categories today! Learn more about how to get started with Financial Snapshot.

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