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Twelve Mile Rd Branch

At OUR Credit Union, we put the needs of our Warren community first, and we strive to serve you in any way possible. Whether you need a credit union that believes in your dreams enough to offer a business loan, or are working hard to repair bad credit, we’re committed to providing individualized financial support. Stop by our friendly Twelve Mile Rd Branch today; we’re here to help!

5625 E. Twelve Mile Road
Warren, MI 48092

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Drive-up ATM + Drive
Thru Safe Deposit Boxes
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Financial Services for Individuals

Let us help you establish your personal finances and the security that comes with them.

Loans and Credit Services

We’ll work with you to apply for secured or unsecured loans that give every person the purchasing power they need to improve their quality of life.

Financial Services for Businesses

If you own a small business or run a non-profit and need a local credit union on your side, turn to OUR Credit Union.

Contact us or come visit us today to learn more about becoming a member, and how our financial services better the lives of our friends and neighbors.