We remain open and are here to help.  Most transactions can be handled remotely or through our drive-thru from 9am-4pm Monday-Friday and 9am-1pm on Saturday. Our lobby is only available by appointment.  

If you are concerned about your finances, we have several options to help. Our Call Center remains available from 9am-4pm Monday-Friday and 9am-1pm on Saturday to help with remote access, questions regarding your account, applying for a loan or discussing your options for existing loans.  They can be reached by texting or calling 248.549.3838 or by email at info@ourcuonline.org.

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Other Accounts

OUR Credit Union is here to help you secure your future. We provide members with a full range of savings options to provide the flexibility you want along with the benefits you deserve as a member. Let us help you save for important life events - vacation, college, new home and the holidays!

Holiday Spending Account

To avoid a "Holiday Hangover" with holiday bills - start saving now. We provide an account designed to help you save for the holiday season. Terms are the same as our basic Savings Account, however the balance of this account will be transferred to your Savings Account on November 1st of each year, ready for you to shop for the holiday season. Make saving even easier by signing up for payroll deduction or set up an automatic transfer through Online Banking.

Side Shares - Extra Savings Accounts

Side shares are just like regular savings accounts that are attached to your primary number. They give you the flexibility to save for specific things like vacations, a new computer or deposit on a new car or house. It only takes $1 to open the new account and it earns dividends starting at $100. You can open one or more depending on your need and transfer money in person or via Online Banking. Set up nick names for your specific savings needs and even set up automatic deposits through Online Banking.

Educational Savings Account or Coverdell Savings Account

Start saving today for higher education costs. For more information on Educational Savings Accounts visit Retirement Central - your information headquarters for all individual savings investments. You can open your accounts and manage them all online.

Click here to see our current savings rates. 

For more information email us or call 248-549-3838.