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Oakey Dokey Kids Club

Oakey Dokey has a fun and educational way for children to learn about money.

Oakey Dokey's Account encourages kids to save and rewards them along the way for their saving efforts.

Welcome Package
When you become an Oakey Dokey member, you'll receive a welcome package filled with goodies, including a log book to keep track of your Oakey Dokey Savings.

Stamp Card
Members receive a special Oakey Dokey stamp card. With each deposit, you earn an Oakey Dokey stamp on your card. When the card is completed, you will receive a prize as a reward for your good saving record. When one card is completed, you will receive another to start working toward another prize.

Birthday Celebration
The month of your birthday, you'll receive a birthday card and invitation to our "birthday bowl" - a bowl of coins that you dig your hand into, take out a handful of coins, and deposit into your account.

Special Events
All Oakey Dokey members will receive invitations to attend special events throughout the year.

Dividends Paid
All Oakey Dokey members will earn dividends on balances over $10 on their Oakey Dokey savings accounts, at the same rate as our regular share accounts.

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