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When Is the Best Time of Year to Make Big Purchases?1/27/2022


Financial planning isn’t just about investing, saving for retirement and making a monthly budget. It’s also knowing when to make big purchases. Knowing smart times to buy major items is a good way to extend your dollar further. From TVs and computers to furniture and houses, picking the right time could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Here’s a quick guide to the best times to make your purchases:

  • Houses: When you find the perfect home, you’ll probably want to jump on it—especially given the competitive state of the real estate market these days. However, if you can wait until October, you’ll pay up to 2.6 percent less overall. That can translate to thousands of dollars in savings, depending on where you’re buying. (In fact, if your closing date is October 8, you could save as much as 10.8 percent.) Fall is a slow selling season, so sellers are more likely to settle for less.

  • Furniture: Since furniture stores tend to get their new inventory in February, January is the best time to find great discounts. Sellers will want to move old inventory out, which often means deep discounts for savvy buyers.

  • Mattresses: Three-day weekends are the best time to take the plunge and get a new mattress. Specifically, President’s Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends usually have plenty of mattress sales to choose from. If you need to replace your mattress, see if you can pick out a few options ahead of time, then buy during a major sale.

  • Large appliances: May, September and October are good times to purchase new appliances like stoves, dishwashers, ovens and more. Most new models come out in September and October, which means stores are motivated to move the old inventory. The one exception is refrigerators, which debut in the springtime. 

  • Pools: Thinking about adding a pool to your home? Try to wait until the autumn, even if that means another excruciatingly hot summer. After the weather cools down, contractors often lower their prices or add incentives.

  • Televisions: Black Friday and January are the best times of year to purchase a new television. After the holidays, retailers start advertising to the Super Bowl crowd—don’t you need a new 80” television to watch the game?

  • Laptops: The Japanese manufacturing fiscal year ends in April, which is great news for everyone who needs a new laptop. You should be able to find last year’s models for up to 20 percent off the regular price.

  • Plane tickets: Early December, late January and early February are the best time to book plane tickets for your next vacation. You could save hundreds, and avoid massive crowds at the airport.

  • Digital cameras: New models come out in March and April, which means you can score a great deal on older digital cameras in those months.

Now that you know the smart times to buy major items, let OUR Credit Union help you with the other financial planning aspects of those major purchases. Call today to get started, or to inquire about our lines of credit.

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