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Fun Education: Teaching Kids Responsibility3/19/2020

What Can You Learn Doing Chores?

Life skills — Doing the laundry might not seem important, but there are a lot of college kids who just can’t figure it out.

Responsibility — Learning how to finish tasks is super important when you have a job and you’re responsible for managing your own money, balancing a college schedule, etc.

Planning — Knowing how to plan your time so you can finish your chores and still play is huge!

Teamwork — Believe it or not, cleaning your room is actually helping the team, your family, keep the house clean.

Finding fun in boring things — Not everything in life is a ton of fun. But everything can be made fun. How fast can you pick up your toys? Can you vacuum the rugs before your sibling finishes the dishes?

Chores aren’t a punishment, it’s actually a reward in disguise!


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